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ISAZ Sports History


In 1994, a few Head Teachers and Directors of private schools, started to meet on how the private school sector in Zambia could work together to promote teaching and learning: they were led by Tom Hunt of the International School of Lusaka (ISL).  The following year 1995, the Independent Schools Association of Zambia (ISAZ) was formed. The Heads committee then asked Mark Hoffman (AISL, LICS, Baobab, ISL) to gather up like minded schools to put together the first-ever ISAZ Sports League. 


First 8 Participating schools in 1995 in Midlands

  1. AISL

  2. ISL

  3. Baobab

  4. LICS

  5. Nkhwazi Trust

  6. Lake Road Trust

  7. French School

  8. Italian School


The Copperbelt schools started their own Regional league a few years later with Liam Sweeney and Nathan Gondwe taking the lead role. 



The start of Nationals Championships in 2003, incorporating the Midland Schools versus the Copperbelt (Northern) Schools. 

  • Football, Basketball and Netball 2003-04

  • Athletics and Volleyball added- 2011-12

  • Swimming and Hockey added- 2018-19



Early years: 

Boniface Kambi Kambi (ISL), Clement Chileshe (ISL), Nathan Gondwe (Lechwe/Baob), Liam Sweeney (Lechwe/Baob), David Mwape (ISL), Ethel Gwaba (ISL), Charles Banda (Italian), Denis Sibandi (ISL, Baob, LICS) Alta Conte (AISL), Guida Bell-Cross (Nkhwazi/AISL), Steve Bannister (Chengelo), Tyford Mbewe (L/Road) Luke Dancer (Musikli), Andy (NkhwazI), Mark Hoffman (AISL, LICS, Baobab, ISL)


Followed by others:

Todd Meyer (Chengelo/LICS/ISL), Bernie Burke (Musikili), Russell Mann (ISL, Baobab), Niven Whitaker (Lechwe/Baobab), Emma Emerich (LICS), Bupe Mulenga (LICS/AISL), Sharon Andrews (LICS), Thomas Mumba (ISL/R. Park/LICS), Phil Dongo (Simba), Kasongo Chola (Simba) Chileshe Chaonza (Italian, ISL, Lechwe) Steve & Jo Grove (Amano) and the list goes on and on … 

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