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Primary Arts Festival

ISAZ Northern Region 2018 Primary Arts Festival. 9th June, Ndola.

Eight schools participated in this year’s ISAZ Primary Arts Festival held on the outdoor stage at Simba International School in Ndola. Sentinel Kabitaka School enthralled the 250-strong audience with their powerful costume drama, while Ndola Trust School performed an extended extract from a larger school show blending music and drama in a fast moving foot-tapping performance. A beautiful poetry recital from Nsansa School provided a thoughtful moment for reflection, while their energetic dancing left everyone breathless. Barely had the notes faded following a tight and perfectly synchronised recorder recital by a large group from KCM Nchanga, than their friends were back with a stunning traditional dance. Kalalushi Trust and KCM Konkola kept the energy levels up with several lively performances, as did the Simba dance troop with their pompoms and hip-hop moves. The younger Simba pupils gave a full costume rendition of one of the songs from their musical “Animal Rumble Grumble”. Over the day we had dramas and gangsta’s; pompoms and poems; pianists and exhibitionists; kings with crowns and beautiful sounds; synchronised recorder and civil disorder. But, most of all, we had ohhhs and ahhhs! Giggles and laughs; cheering and clapping.

As well as performing arts, there was also a beautiful and inspirational art exhibition of pupils work from all the schools. Each school filled a large exhibition board with pieces from their pupils, and some included 3-D sculptures displayed on tables. As you walked in to the exhibition, the array of colours hit the eyes and took your breath away. As well as the sculptures, there were intricate mosaics, paintings, models, complex geometric patterns and a stunning 1m x 1m centre-piece made from coloured hand prints from an entire year group from one of the schools

A common comment from teachers and parents was how focused, prepared and well behaved all the pupils were. So, a huge thank you to all the pupils and teachers who were so well prepared and showed such courtesy, and to all staff at Simba for setting-up and hosting the Festival.

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